Which files exactly i need to use for my project from the files generated by AUTOCODE??

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I Gnerated a autocode for one simulink model and its an the .zip file. When i unpacked the zip file more files are there inside a unpacked folder.
FYI: html folder
I Need to use the generated code to another IDE not in MATLAB environment. Please suggest me out of these files which files i need to pick to include in my project.
Can I pick only .c and .h file to include in my project in another IDE??

Answers (2)

Qiancheng Zhou
Qiancheng Zhou on 3 Feb 2020
Edited: Qiancheng Zhou on 3 Feb 2020
Add all the .c and .h files, except ert_mian.c, to your project in other IDE.

Sivakumar Selvam
Sivakumar Selvam on 4 Feb 2020
Create a new project in that IDE, include all the ".c" and ".h" files in your project except ert_main.c. Instead of ert_main.c, created your own main file and execute the code as per your application requirements.


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