How to replace intensity of pixels in a specific region with a value from another region within the same image?

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The following code below is used to open up all 100 images but display one of them. For the image, the code asks the user to input a pixel value, which I input as 5000 to represent the metal artefact and is then shown as red. However, I now want to edit this code so that instead of this the pixel values of the metal are replaced with the pixel values of the surrounding tissue. So I want to make a loop for each row of pixels that is less than 5000 to be replaced with the pixel value that is +/- 15 pixels, of the surrounding tissue.
Any help would be greatly appreciated
clear all
ROI = [ 1350 1450 750 900];
A=input('type in pixel value for artifact');
for k = 1:100
fileName = sprintf('paganin_000%03d.png', k);
if isfile(fileName)
% If the file exists, display it.
imageData = imread(fileName);
imageData = imageData(ROI(1):ROI(2),ROI(3):ROI(4));
imageMatrix(:,:,k) = imageData;
% Print alert for those files that don't exist.
fprintf('File not found: "%s".\n', fileName)
I = imageData;
mask = I <= A;
Ired = I;
Igreen = I;
Iblue = I;
Ired(mask) = max(I, [], 'all');
Igreen(mask) = 0;
Iblue(mask) = 0;
img = cat(3, Ired, Igreen, Iblue);

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