How can i implement the equation in SIMULINK MODEL??

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Hai all,
I am trying to implement First order Filter whose output is out(k) = out(k-1)+((in(k)-(out(k-1))*gain .
I have input in(k) and gain I need to find out(k) for every 5 milli-seconds. I am new to MATLAB Simulink. please help me out to solve this.

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Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza on 17 Mar 2020
The attached model shows you how to implement such an equation in MATLAB. Also, press the "FixedTimeDiscrete" at the bottom right of the Simulink window to open solver properties to see how to set the time step to be 5 milliseconds.

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Siamak Lotfi
Siamak Lotfi on 10 Sep 2021


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