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how to use NMI for images

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talayeh ghodsi
talayeh ghodsi il 4 Apr 2020
Commentato: talayeh ghodsi il 4 Apr 2020
hi every body. I am trying to use nmi.m which is attached below and downloaded from mathworks to calculate normalized mutual information between to images.
z = nmi(x, y);
but i have this error:
Error using sparse
Index into matrix must be an integer.
Error in nmi (line 19)
Mx = sparse(idx,x,1,n,k,n);
could anyone solve this error for me?
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 4 Apr 2020
x = x-l+1;
y = y-l+1;
x = double(x-l+1);
y = double(y-l+1);
talayeh ghodsi
talayeh ghodsi il 4 Apr 2020
thanks sir it works well

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