Track object with bounding box in optical flow

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Matpar il 9 Mag 2020
Commentato: Matpar il 13 Mag 2020
Hi all,
I have been researching this and my attempts has been futile!
Can some one tell me if it is possible to;
  1. track the object with a bounding box in optical flow KL algorithm?
I am not sure if I missed it or just looking inthe wrong place or utilisng the wrong terminology
Can someone guide me please with a link or example and I will move onward on my own? Please? Thank you in advance loads!

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Prabhan Purwar
Prabhan Purwar il 13 Mag 2020
Kindly refer to the following link:
Hope it helps!!
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Matpar il 13 Mag 2020
thank you for your response!

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