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Not able to start parpool in multiple different matlab instances simultaneously in a single machine.

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Pramit Biswas
Pramit Biswas on 31 May 2020
Commented: Piotr Grodzki on 3 Jun 2020
I tried in multiple different matlab instance.
for i = 1:2
str2Eval = [ '!matlab -r "myFunction(''' fileName(i) ''');exit;" &'];
% This is to create seperate matlab instance to run parallely.
% Inside "myFunction" I used "parfeval" for running some operations parallely.
% Now, both matlab instance opened, started working perfectly till parfeval
% and showed error while creating parallel pool.
% (This worked perfectly when previously ran in a single instance.)
% I closed ALL matlab instances, and opened new one.
% tried runing "parpool(2)", it does not work and gives the following error:
Starting parallel pool (parpool) using the 'local' profile ...
Error using parpool (line 145)
Parallel pool failed to start with the following error. For more detailed information, validate
the profile 'local' in the Cluster Profile Manager.
Caused by:
Error using parallel.internal.pool.InteractiveClient>iThrowWithCause (line 670)
Failed to locate and destroy old interactive jobs.
Error using parallel.Cluster/findJob (line 74)
Unknown type: concurrentconcurrent.
I restarted Windows 10. There is no "local_scheduler_data" or "local_cluster_jobs" in "prefdir". Tried to validate from "Cluster profile manager". All test passed except the last one: "Parallel pool test (parpool)". "distcomp.feature( 'LocalUseMpiexec', false )" didn't worked. "Administrator mode" didn't worked.
The college workstation have 32 cores and enough RAM to run my model in parallel. I am just tring to run some commands in parallel which are independent to each other.
  1. How to make "parpool" working again? (solved) by deleting "R2020a" folder inside "local_cluster_jobs" folder from parent directory of "prefdir".
  2. Is it possible to use parpool in multiple MatLab instances runing simultaneously? If yes, how?

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Piotr Grodzki
Piotr Grodzki on 3 Jun 2020
With 2019a, I am able to open 2 instances of GUI and open parallel pool, so simple answer is to do it manually, I am sure you could do the same with compiled executable.

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