kafka integration to matlab

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JimTal il 4 Giu 2020
Commentato: Peter Webb il 20 Set 2023
I am using Matlab 2019b on Windows 10. I am looking for a way to integrate kafka into matlab? Matlab will be processing real-time data and produce a message to send out through kafka. Any example would be appreciated.
I can easily do this by running a seperate program (python) monitoring a file which matlab produces but I would like to know if there is a way to cleanly integrate matlab and kafka.
Thanks for your input.

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Dan Lluch
Dan Lluch il 16 Set 2020
Can see a few integration options in this github entry - including a MATLAB integration. There are also Simulink, Code Generation, and Production Server options.

Peter Webb
Peter Webb il 28 Feb 2023
We have released a MATLAB support package that lets you read and write Kafka data as timetables:
Despite the name, it does not require MATLAB Production Server, though you can use MATLAB Production Server if you have it.
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Jessy Mathault
Jessy Mathault il 19 Set 2023
This doesn't appear to be true. I've tried to use the various functions listed in the example of the link and all return an error requiring the MATLAB Production Server license.
Peter Webb
Peter Webb il 20 Set 2023
I assume you're seeing something like this:
>> kafkaStream
kafkaStream requires MATLAB Production Server.
Sorry about that confusing error message.
But it is easier to download and install it via the Add-On Manager, as described in the first link.

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