How to scale titlepage image?

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John on 10 Jun 2020
Answered: Rahul Singhal on 15 Jun 2020
report generator, titlepage, how to scale the image or resize the displayed image?
It's wired that it needs the path instead of image itself.
In the "doc titlepage", it shows "abstract', legal note" fields, but not available.

Accepted Answer

Rahul Singhal
Rahul Singhal on 15 Jun 2020
Hi John,
Considering you are using Report API, you can specify the TitlePage object's Image property as a DOM Image object instead of the image path. The DOM Image class has properties to specify custom height and width. With DOM Image, you can also use ScaleToFit format to automatically scale a large image to fit the page boundaries.
Below is an example that adds a custom size image to the title page:
% Create a report
rpt ='output','pdf');
% Create title page
tp =;
tp.Title = 'Title Page Example';
tp.Subtitle = 'Report API';
tp.Publisher = 'MathWorks';
tp.PubDate = date();
% Add a custom size image to the title page
domImage = mlreportgen.dom.Image(which('b747.jpg'));
domImage.Height = '3in';
domImage.Width = '3in';
tp.Image = domImage;
% Add the title page reporter to the report
% Close and view the output document

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