Integrate Matlab deployed CNN library to C++ project in Visual Studio 2019

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  1. Deply a trained CNN to a lib or dll library
  2. Integrate the lib or dll to exisiting C++ project for simple console application
  3. Final product is a .exe file that can be run from console
  • In C++, use opencv to load an image -- done
  • call lib/dll for image classification task -- TODO
  • based on CNN prediction, use opencv for further image processing -- done
  • Windows 10
  • Visual Studio 2019
  • Opencv 3.1
What I have done:
  1. Follow 'Generate a Static Library for the resnet_predict Function' here, succesfully genereated codes. Matlab shows 'Code generation successful'
  2. The genereated codes include files of .bin, .obj, .cpp, .h and a resnet_predict.lib
  • Which generated files do I need to include into my C++ project?
  • How can I configure visual studio 2019 to include these files?

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