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Problems with appdesigner: why has this worse and less functionality than GUIDE?

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I have number of very good GUIS which work well, but when I migrate to appdesigner the timing no longer works, they keep freezing, then moving again and so forth and basically don't work affectively, for example the 'callbacks' often don't operate for a significant length of time. Also, the appearance on appdesigner is far worse. Am I missing something findamental as this seems a retrograde step?
ps the migration tool is rubbish - I had to basically rewrite the entire code.
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Mohammad Sami
Mohammad Sami il 8 Lug 2020
Not sure which version of matlab you are using. It works well enough in the latest versions (my experience R2019b).
Personally i find the object oriented approach in app designer is much better then how GUIDE worked.
J. Alex Lee
J. Alex Lee il 8 Lug 2020
I agree that AppDesigner approach is much better than GUIDE, and probably re-writing code for it is generally a good thing. I sympathize though, that working within the appdesigner editor is a pain in the butt. They do need to work on that in my opinion.
It is definitely true that the new UIFigure graphic system lacks many features that the HG2 system had, but hopefully in each release they will expand the functionality.
I also observe (at least on my laptop) that the UIFigure system seems generally slower and less responsive...i wondered if it's a limitation of the html/js system itself, or if it's just TMW's implementation and it can improve with each release iteration.

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