Save a geoplot3 figure

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Marius Marinescu
Marius Marinescu on 27 Jul 2020
Edited: Marius Marinescu on 20 Aug 2020
I am using the function geoplot3 and is quite nice. It looks like a google earth. But I think the function is still green in his developemnt and I have some questions about:
  • Is it possible to save a geoplot3 figure in order to just open it next time? I have to plot around 700 aicraft trajectories and it takes a while to have it all ploted. In the figure pan I dont see any botons to save it.
  • Is it posible to plot filled points? In the docu of the function an example of "circlular markers" is found, nevertheless I was not able to plot the filled markers.
  • Does the function acept nan values as in the function plot? To separe distinct trajectories and to not plot a line bewtween the end of one ad the start of the next one I usually introduce a nan value in the vector, so it does not join the trajectories. When I do that, I receive the follwoing error:

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