Soustraction between all line of a matrix

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Hello all,
I have a matrix (6964,1) i would like to do a mathemetical operation between each line of the matrix. i mean line 1 with all the line then line 2 with all the line then line 3 with all the line etc. and I would like that the result return into a new matrix. Can someone help mep lease?

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BOB MATHEW SYJI on 15 Sep 2020
I hope this helps. If not, please rectify. S is your vector. A is a 6964*6964 matrix which returns the difference between other elements of the vector on corresponding columns
for i=1:length(S)
for n=(i+1):length(S)

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madhan ravi
madhan ravi on 15 Sep 2020
bsxfun(@minus, matrix(:), matrix(:).') % for newer versions bsxfun() is not needed


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