Change folder that Matlab saves session information

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I run Matlab on Linux machines.
Matlab is saving session information (e.g. History.xml, parallel_settings, etc) in a folder called .matlab in my Linux home directory. This home directory doesn't have much space and the .matlab folder has filled it. I cannot seem to figure out how to configure Matlab to save this info elsewhere. It is not the startup folder, because Matlab is doing that the way I want it (and not the home directory).

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Bjorn Gustavsson
Bjorn Gustavsson il 24 Set 2020
Which version are you using?
How much space does .matlab take?
On my machine I have subdirectories for 2013a, 2015a and 2020a, they take 3, 165 and 7.2 M respectively, not worryingly much.
I cannot imagine how matlab would be sensitive to a .matlab sym-link pointing to a directory on some other partition, so why not just move the entire .matlab-directory to somewhere nice and spacious, and create a link to there.
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Paul Safier
Paul Safier il 24 Set 2020
Thanks, I'll give that a shot. I appreciate your help.

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Raymond Norris
Raymond Norris il 24 Set 2020
If you run local parallel pools, the metadata is also stored in ~/.matlab (by default for Linux). You might consider deleting it, as such
c = parcluster('local');
You'll need to do this for each version of MATLAB. If you want to point MATLAB to another preference directory, you can also set MATLAB_PREFDIR prior to starting MATLAB (or setting it in your .profile/.bashrc/etc. file.
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Graham McArdle
Graham McArdle il 12 Mar 2024
@Raymond Norris I'm still getting appearing in mutiple ~/.matlab/VERSION/HtmlPanel/ARCH/chromium folders for multiple (non-admin) users and multiple product installations including R2023a
This duplication is now taking up a lot of space on the shared user account drive. Can we simply have users delete the HtmlPanel folders or is there some reconfiguration needed? Matlab was fully installed already with root privileges - does the help browser download jxbrowser as an additional artifact after installation? I haven't found this .so file in any product installation folders.
Raymond Norris
Raymond Norris il 12 Mar 2024
Hi @Graham McArdle, let me not conject what the file is doing. I would suggest contacting MathWorks Technical Support ( to get their advice.

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