Change Axis title for distribution fitter

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Good day,
I am currently using the distribution fitter app to plot the PDF and CDF of my dataset. However the x-axis always seems to be labelled data. Is there any way to edit this to fit the specific data set I am using?

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Monisha Nalluru
Monisha Nalluru on 7 Dec 2020
Hi Darrien Walters,
I have explored the way to add labels using Distribution Fitter App but did not find a way. I both this issue to concerend developer and may be concered for future release.
But since the app is used to fit differnet types of distribution on to data and visulaize in a figure. As a workaround in order to get label with dataset name. Go to File -> Print to Figure this will create a new figure and using the figure Property Inspector you can change labels.

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