Error message for extrapolation?

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Shayma Al Ali
Shayma Al Ali on 8 Dec 2020
Answered: Walter Roberson on 8 Dec 2020
I keep getting an error message when using the interp1 function. For some background, I have 107 files that all have the same variables but different lengths. So I'm trying to extrapolate the variable in each file to have the same lengths.
The error message I keep getting:
Error using interp1>sanitycheckmethod (line 253)
Invalid interpolation method.
Error in interp1>parseinputs (line 376)
method = sanitycheckmethod(varargin{end});
Error in interp1 (line 78)
[method,extrapval,ndataarg,pp] = parseinputs(varargin{:});
Error in PhysOceanFinal (line 54)
zonal1.depths=interp1(zonal1.density,zonal1.depth,[zonal1.depth(end) depths(end),'linear','extrap']);
My code:
%calculate northward geostrophic velocity using thermal wind relation
%calculate drho/dz by integrating the density
%First interpolate density into uniform depth values
%Use largest depth file as primary depth
load('zonal1_240.mat'); %use this files depth values
%use extrapolate function to get density profile
for i=1:length(direc1)
if length(zonal1.depth)<length(depths)
zonal1.depths=interp1(zonal1.depth,zonal1.density,[zonal1.depth(end) depths(end),'linear','extrap']);

Answers (1)

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 8 Dec 2020
zonal1.depths=interp1(zonal1.depth,zonal1.density,[zonal1.depth(end) depths(end),'linear','extrap']);
The] is in the wrong place, needs to be before ,'linear'

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