Extrapolate values for a variable that is dependent on three other variables?

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I have data downloaded for three variables:
  • Temperature (85x1)
  • Salinity (85x1)
  • Pressure (85x1)
I use the three variables to calculate Density through a function I downloaded. I have 107 files all with the same variables but with varying lengths, so the shortest file has dimensions (85x1) while the longest has dimensions (3061x1). How can I extrapolate the values if its dependent on three different variables?

Answers (1)

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 9 Dec 2020
Use your vectors of representative datas to calculate corresponding representive densities. Then
F = scatteredInterpolant(Temperature, Salinity, Pressure, calculated_Density);
After that, you can
interpolated_Density = F(query_temperature, query_salinity, query_pressure)

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