Selecting an option in the drop down menu that displays different edit fields

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Good day Everyone,
I am trying to link the dropdown menu options to particular edit fields. For instance, if I select on option 1 in the drop down menu, I want to be able to display Edit field 1 adn Edit field 2. Conversely, if I select option 2 , i want to display Edit field 3 and Edit field 4. Is there a way to go about performing this task?
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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre il 30 Dic 2020
Yes. I would first create all 4 edit boxes, but set their 'Visible' property to 'off'. Then, in the callback of your dropdown menu, I would have a switch statement that runs different cases based on the value property. The code for a specific case would change the visilibilty to 'off' of the edit fields you do not want to see, and would change the visibility to 'on' of those you do want to see.

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