Creating a colormap for an image

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I am trying to do a simulation of an infrared camera and what I need to do now is to create a color map. What I was suggested to do was to assign each colour from a visible band image a certain temperature and then work with the HSV. My coordinator suggested me something like 'hue value = temperature' and so on. And the function that helps me change them is this:
temperatureImage = minTemp + (maxTemp - minTemp)*image_h;
where 'image_h' is the hue value of the actual image. I was thinking of creating an if statement that will have HSV, but I don't know how to properly do that.
Can anyone suggest how to do that? I would much appreciate.
Thank you so much!

Accepted Answer

Simon Allosserie
Simon Allosserie on 26 Feb 2021
You will probably want to use something like a jet colormap. See this page for more details:
Then use caxis for implementing your minimum and maximum temperature limits

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