Mouse Button Press distinction

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Khalid Mahmood
Khalid Mahmood on 15 Apr 2021
Edited: Khalid Mahmood on 19 Apr 2021
SelectionType property of figure tells which mouse button was pressed along with modifier (ctrl or shift).
Normal: Left Mouse Button.
extend: i) Shift+LeftMouseButton OR ii) Middle Mouse Button OR iii) Both Left and Right Buttons
alt: i) CTRL+LeftMouseButton OR ii) Right Mouse button
open: Double Click Any Mouse Button.
1: Why CTRL+LeftMouseButton and CTRL+RightMouseButton return same code in mouse events? Its only in Matlab.
2: I want to distinguish between CTRL+LeftMouseButton and CTRL+RightMouseButton. How to do this?
Khalid Mahmood
Khalid Mahmood on 17 Apr 2021
  1. I forgot that my pupose was to distinguish between CTRL+LeftClick and CTRL+RightClick. Which still remains the issue
  2. I was able to use evt.Key for Keyboard keys and Modifiers (evt.Modifier) using WindowKeyPress/Release functions, which can't be done using WindowButtonDown/Up functions for all keys
Can anybody help me to distinguish between CTRL+Left Mouse Button Click and Ctrl+ Right Mouse Button Click. My code is attached

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Answers (1)

Sufia Tanveer
Sufia Tanveer on 19 Apr 2021
I have tested your code. Your code is great work. Matlab developers have somehow missed that distinction of modifier + right mouse button. I have searched help and found you are 💯% correct. What I can say is, it may have not been rectified by developers. That's why nobody else has given you answer.
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Khalid Mahmood
Khalid Mahmood on 19 Apr 2021
I accept your answer, but I am waiting for some senior programmer or matlab staff members to answer to be precise

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