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applying Butterworth filters on salt and paper image

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Why we are not getting the filterd image? whats the error in the code?
title('original image');
SP = imnoise(I,'salt & pepper',0.1);
title('salt & pepper noise');
% MATLAB Code | Butterworth Low Pass Filter
% Saving the size of the input_image in pixels-
% M : no of rows (height of the image)
% N : no of columns (width of the image)
[M, N] = size(I);
% Getting Fourier Transform of the input_image
% using MATLAB library function fft2 (2D fast fourier transform)
FT_img = fft2(double(I));
% Assign the order value
n = 2; % one can change this value accordingly
% Assign Cut-off Frequency
D0 = 50; % one can change this value accordingly
% Designing filter
u = 0:(M-1);
v = 0:(N-1);
idx = find(u > M/2);
u(idx) = u(idx) - M;
idy = find(v > N/2);
v(idy) = v(idy) - N;
% MATLAB library function meshgrid(v, u) returns
% 2D grid which contains the coordinates of vectors
% v and u. Matrix V with each row is a copy of v
% and matrix U with each column is a copy of u
[V, U] = meshgrid(v, u);
% Calculating Euclidean Distance
D = sqrt(U.^2 + V.^2);
% determining the filtering mask
H = 1./(1 + (D./D0).^(2*n));
% Convolution between the Fourier Transformed
% image and the mask
G = H.*FT_img;
% Getting the resultant image by Inverse Fourier Transform
% of the convoluted image using MATLAB library function
% ifft2 (2D inverse fast fourier transform)
output_image = real(ifft2(double(G)));
% Displaying Input Image and Output Image
% Dispaly result
title(' Result D0=50 ');

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Hrishikesh Borate
Hrishikesh Borate il 23 Apr 2021
It’s my understanding that you are trying to apply Butterworth filter on an image with salt and pepper noise, and you are unable to observe the desired output image.
This is because the output image is a gray scale image, it’s data type is double and as the display range is not defined, the default display range is used, which is [0,1].
One way to solve this, is to replace
The empty matrix ([ ]) sets the default range parameter to [min(output_image(:)) max(output_image(:))].
For more information, refer to imshow.

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