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Extracting files of the same name only from the first level of subdirectories

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I have a folder structure with three levels, A, B, and C. Level A only contains the folders for B, and each B folder contains a file that I want. However, some B folders may contain a C level that also contains the file, but I do not want it. I would like to use the recursive check with dir search to find all the B level files, but don't know how to keep away from the C level files.
list = dir(fullfile(Alevel,'**','filename.txt')); % Returns filename.txt locations in B and C levels
Is there a way to use dir to exclude the C level results?

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Turlough Hughes
Turlough Hughes il 18 Mag 2021
Modificato: Turlough Hughes il 18 Mag 2021
Hey Bob, a single star will go down one level only, so try the following:
list = dir(fullfile(Alevel,'*','filename.txt'))

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