Signal labeller doe not import table type data

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SM il 12 Giu 2021
Risposto: SM il 14 Giu 2021
I have a data with class of "labeledSignalSet" named "lss", that the "label" field of it already includes two table data and I can import to signallabeler and plot them with no problem. However, when I import two more table data with " 'LabelDataType','table' " it regenerates the new variable and add the new table data into the "lss" under "Label" filed, but the signal labeler does not import it and shows the following error:
Unable to import. Label definitions with timetable or table label data types are not supported.
But I had been using table data before updating the variable with not problem.
Do anyone have an idea why MATLAB is showing this error?
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SM il 14 Giu 2021
Thank you for your response.
I have attached two mat files.
"lss" is the file that can be imported to signal labeler, and the "lss_updated" is the "lss" file that I added few tables to it and signal labeler does not import it.

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SM il 14 Giu 2021
I managed to solve the problem.
Apparently when the data type is roi and the written file is in table format, it becomes read-only, hence you should generate a new labeledSignalSet class and assign the old and new files to the label filed of it.
I found the labeledSignalSet example pretty useful for my case.

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