write command for wavelet packet tree does not seem to work

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I am trying to create an empty wavelet packet tree and filling up its terminal nodes with coefficients. In short following is my simple code :-
clc,close all,clear all;
img = imread('barbara.png');
T = wpdec2(img,2,'db4');
T2 = cfs2wpt('db4',size(img),tnodes(T),4);
u = tnodes(T);
for i = 1:length(u)
x = read(T,'cfs',u(i));
However when I display T2, i find that its terminal nodes contain no information except Zero matrics of appripriate sizes .. What is the reason and how do I correct this problem ?
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UJJWAL il 23 Ago 2013
I am facing this gruesome problem in the middle of an urgent work. So if someone can help out quickly, I would be grateful...

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UJJWAL il 23 Ago 2013
I was able to solve this problem through debugging the internals of the write function. I found that the write function is recursive in nature.
The correction is the following :-
T2 = write(T2,'cfs',u(i),x);

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