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Cascade filters and amplify

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David Jones
David Jones il 24 Giu 2021
Commentato: Mathieu NOE il 25 Giu 2021
I don’t have much experience in MATLAB but I have a circuit that amplifies low frequency breathing it consists of four op-amps each amplify by 10 and each have a second order bandpass set to .1Hz to .4Hz.
I have now used one op-amp as above and a 24bit ADC sampling at 100Hz and my number of samples is 6000 (60 Seconds of data)
I have managed to bring the data in to MATLAB (please see attached) but I am struggling to implement the filters and gain could somebody please assist me.
Many thanks in anticipation
Kind Regards

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Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE il 24 Giu 2021
Here you are my friend
the demo is done on a second order bandpass Butterworth filter ; you ca simply increase the order to match was was done in your analog filters
hope it helps
all the best ,
Fs = sample_rate;
samples = number_of_samples;
x = raw_ad_data_sine;
dt = 1/Fs;
t = (0:samples-1)'*dt;
% IIr filter : bandpass butterworth
order = 2;
[numd,dend] = butter(order,2/Fs*[0.1 0.4]);
dbode(numd,dend,dt); % bode plot
y = filtfilt(numd,dend,x); % Zero-phase forward and reverse digital IIR filtering.
figure(2) % time plot
legend('input signal','output signal');
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David Jones
David Jones il 25 Giu 2021
Thanks for all your great help Mathieu
Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE il 25 Giu 2021
My pleasure

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