What is the prblem?

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Xizeng Feng
Xizeng Feng on 28 Jun 2021
I run the following sentens and got the warnings, someone can explain them?
>> y=@(x)x^2;
>> fplot(y)
警告: 函数处理数组输入时行为异常。要改善性能,请将您的函数正确向量化,以返回大小和形状与输入参数相同的输出。
> In matlab.graphics.function.FunctionLine>getFunction
In matlab.graphics.function.FunctionLine/updateFunction
In matlab.graphics.function.FunctionLine/set.Function_I
In matlab.graphics.function.FunctionLine/set.Function
In matlab.graphics.function.FunctionLine
In fplot>singleFplot (line 237)
In fplot>@(f)singleFplot(cax,{f},limits,extraOpts,args) (line 192)
In fplot>vectorizeFplot (line 192)
In fplot (line 162)

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