Problem 1136. Knots Contest: Score (ContestSuite)

This Challenge is to Score well on the Knots contest test suite.

All Cody ToolBoxes are available. (Neural, Parallel, Stats)

Input: A, xyIn, wts

Output: xyOut

Examples and specifics are at Knots contest .

Scoring: Score is Knots+6.5 e^(Time/23). Code size and distance are ignored. All 50 Contest boards are scored.

The Champions are the first three scores.
Raphael Candelier's Cheeeese is followed by the creations of Per and Alfonso.



Additional Challenges using the Contest Suite will become available as will Scoring for Fewest Knots, no time penalty. Also puzzle subsets for Fewest Knots and Low Score will be created.

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Last Solution submitted on Jun 12, 2020