Problem 1876. GJam: 2013 China Event: Name Sorting

This Challenge is derived from GJam 2013 China Moist. The problem is Codified by making the input a cell array of names.

The Challenge involves a serial card sorting machine that places card (i+1) in its best position, 1 thru i, if the name on card (i+1) is lexicographically greater than the name on card (i). The machine continues thru the end of the deck. The machine then restarts at card 1 until the order is correct. The output to return is the number of card insertions. The character values follow ascii codes with Space < A:Z < a:z. A shorter name is less than an extended name (Ab<Abe)

Input: names ( cell array of names )

Output: Insertions (count of card insertions required)

Competition Summary: Best Time 6 minutes, 793/1049 correct


names={'Stuart Beckingham' 'Rinata Araslanova' 'Jeremy Abbott' 'Daniil Barantsev' };

Clearly takes 3 card insertions. Start (SRJD) moves [(RSJD) (JRSD) (DJRS)]

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73.33% Correct | 26.67% Incorrect
Last Solution submitted on Jul 31, 2019

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