sort_nat: Natural Order Sort

Sort strings in natural order.
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Natural order sorting sorts strings containing digits in a way such that the numerical value of the digits is taken into account. It is especially useful for sorting file names containing index numbers with different numbers of digits. Often, people will use leading zeros to get the right sort order, but with this function you don't have to do that. For example, with input of


a normal sort will give you


whereas, sort_nat will give you


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Douglas Schwarz (2024). sort_nat: Natural Order Sort (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Recuperato .

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Versione Pubblicato Note della release

Fixed bug identified by Evgeny Pr. (Thanks!)

Added ability to sort in descending order.

Steve Herman identified an obscure bug (sorting a cell array of one string which has no numeric characters) which has now been fixed. Thank you Steve!

Fixed ambiguity of sort order in certain cases e.g., {'a0','a00'}. Increased speed. Relaxed MATLAB version requirements -- no longer requires R2006a, should work with much older versions now.