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Create matlab code from a variable


Updated 29 Aug 2006

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matcode = SERIALIZE(x) generates matlab code of x
matcode = SERIALIZE(x, n) generates matlab code of x retaining n digits
of precision

SERIALIZE should be able to create matlab code of the following data types:
- matrices, vectors, and scalars of any class and dimension
- strings
- structs, arrays of structs with up to six dimensions
- cell arrays
- matlab objects with a copy constructor implemented
- empty values of any class
- any combinations hereof

The value of x can be obtained by

x = [1 2 3; 3 4 5];

x = uint8(rand(10)*5);
matcode = serialize(x)

x = {rand(3,3,3,4), 'a string value', {1 2 3; 1 3 3 }}
matcode = serialize(x, 30)

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MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2006a
Compatible with any release
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Inspired: Serialize/Deserialize

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