Sinc Resample

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SincResample resamples signals to arbitrary lengths/frequencies and/or timeshifts them


Updated 22 Feb 2008

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If the input is a bandlimited signal containing components at DC - 0.5Fs where Fs is the sample rate, SINCRESAMPLE will return the signal that would have been seen with a higher sampling rate (and the same filter settings). The algorithm depends on the fact that the bandlimited signal is completely defined when sampling at Fs.

SINCRESAMPLE returns the data convolved with a set of time-shifted windowed sinc functions, one for each of the samples [1..size(x,1)] in the input signal. End-effects are reduced by adding a reflected and mirrored copy of the data at the beginning and end of each column before resampling.
Note that points at the end of Y (and/or beginning if SHIFT is negative) will be extrapolated beyond the boundaries of X.

SINCRESAMPLE is a generalization of the method discussed in:
T.Blanche & N.V.Swindale (2006)
Nyquist interpolation improves neuron yield in multiunit recordings
Journal of Neuroscience Methods 155, 81-91

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