MPC Tutorial II: Multivariable and State Space MPC V2.0

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A tool and tutorial for multivariable state space MPC
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As planned, this is the second part of the MPC series. To dealing with multivariable, state-space model is most convenient. In this part, a tool to setup the state-space model based predictive controller is provided. The setup program returns a function handle for the online MPC controller.

The online controller is implemented as a nested function, hence the internal model, internal states, control parameters are all stored inside of the workspace of the setup program so that the interface of the online controller is significantly simplified.

A 2-CSTR example is included to demonstrate the usage of this tool.

The tool also provides an example for beginners to learn how to use nested function to replace persistent variables.

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Yi Cao (2024). MPC Tutorial II: Multivariable and State Space MPC V2.0 (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Recuperato .

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