Finite Difference solution to nonlinear diffusion equation

Numerical solution to nonlinear diffusion equation and creates movie of results


Updated 18 Jun 2015

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Solves nonlinear diffusion equation which can be linearised as shown for the general nonlinear diffusion equation in Richtmyer & Morton [1]. The approach is to linearise the pde and apply a Crank-Nicolson implicit finite difference scheme to solve the equation numerically.
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solves the pde:

\frac{\partial h}{\partial t}=\frac{1}{12}\frac{\partial^2 h^4}{\partial x^2}

The pde has the application to isothermal viscous fluid flow spreading on a horizonatal substrate under gravity - Huppert [2]. Note that PDE has been nondimensionlised.

Initial conditions:

t=0: h = (1 - x^2)_{+} + 10^-6 (has prewetting film)

The spatial domain is discretised taking account of symmetry at x = 0:

\frac{\partial h}{\partial x} = 0

and is also used to close the free surface model at the end of the discretised domain (x = xend) - assumes fluid won't reach this boundary.

The pde can be solved analytically using similarity equations as discussed by Barenblatt [3]; used below to validate numerical solution.


[1] "Difference Methods for initial value problems," R. D. Richtmyer and K. W. Morton, John Wiley and Sons, 1967.

[2] "The Propagation of two-dimensional and axisymmetric visous gravity currents over a rigid horizontal surface," H. E. Huppert, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 1982.

[3] "On some unsteady motions of a liquid or gas in a porous medium, Russian journal Prikladnaya Matematika i Mekhanika, 1952.

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