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Small script using matlabfrag to create a latex formatted pdf file.
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Based on plotpdftex

Calls matlabfrag to create the *.eps and *.tex Files. After that pdflatex is used to create the pdf File.


mlf2pdf creates the PDF file of the current graphical figure (CGF)
named LaTeXfile.pdf

mlf2pdf(H) creates the PDF file from the graphical figure with
handle H, named LaTeXfile.pdf

mlf2pdf(H,FILENAME) creates the PDF file from the graphical figure
with handle H, named FILENAME.PDF (FILENAME is a character array of
the filename, with or without the extension .PDF)

mlf2pdf(H,FILENAME,PACKAGES) to adding
packages such as fonts, mathfont,...
ex: PACKAGES = 'amssymb, times'

It now supports Windows AND Unix Systems.

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Martin (2024). matlabfrag to pdf (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Recuperato .

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Ispirato da: PlotPdfTex, matlabfrag

Ispirato: latexfigure

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Versione Pubblicato Note della release

+ added UNIX Support
+ included an example

mlf2pdf ignored the figure handle. Should work now.

added acknowledgements