Get binary volumes from a volume of labels / integers

Creates a set of binary volumes from a volume of labels (integers value)
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When using label volumes (volumes with regions defined by integers), it is sometimes useful to obtain the binary volumes of each region for further processing or to calculate statistics. This program takes as an input a volume of labels/integers (e.g. FreeSurfer ouput called aseg.nii.gz), and creates a 4D volume containing a set of binary volumes. The possiblity to gather integers together using a text file allows a full flexibility in the obtained binary volumes in the ouput.
This program calls textscan when using the textfile option, so this file might not work porperly with early version of Matlab (<2005 I think).

I added a volume called is included as an exemple.

[regionBinaryMaps,numVoxRegions] = labelsToBinary(inLabelVol)
= labelsToBinary(inLabelVol,inAdr_Labels2Region)

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Christopher Coello (2024). Get binary volumes from a volume of labels / integers (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Recuperato .

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