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Maximize window size to fill the entire screen. Has learning capability.
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Aggiornato 22 mar 2005

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Maximize the size of figures and GUIs to fill the entire screen.

The function was tested under the following conditions:
screen resolutions:
Matlab version: R12, R13

The function was calibrated to handle WinXP standard toolbar (at the bottom of the screen, one icon row) and standard screen (4x3 ratio - not wide).

If you are using different settings, the maximized figure size could be wrong. If you find yourself in such a position, fear not. Run the function in 'calibrate' mode to calibrate the settings.

The application will ask you to maximize a figure window manually and use these settings as a reference from now on.

2005-03-21 update - contribution of Tim Myers
Maximize can set the image to fill any portion of the screen.

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Yuval Cohen (2024). Maximize window (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Recuperato .

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New feature - resize image to fill a portion of the screen