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sifReader - Read Andor Newton .sif files into matlab.

version (63 KB) by Todd Karin
Read sif files generated by an Andor Newton camera into matlab.


Updated 30 May 2013

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Andor has a proprietary sif file format that they change with every
new version of their Solis software. This package is based on the
work of Marcel Leutenegger, file ID <a href="">#11224</a>.
We had to modify his code to be able to read in sif files generated
with our setup (Andor Newton EMCCD + Solis 4.16).

This package also contains an important adjustment to Leutenagger's.
We found that the wavelength axis is not given by a simple scaling,
there are some non-linear corrections saved in the .sif file. These
non-linear corrections are incorporated into sifreadnk.

This package has been tested extensively using an Andor Newton CCD
camera. The spectra are taken on full vertical binning (FVB) mode.
They are saved as sif's using Andor's Solis software. This toolbox
can also import kinetic series.

sifreadnk contains all the code that imports the sif file. sifPlot
plots these structures with a variety of options.

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Todd Karin (2020). sifReader - Read Andor Newton .sif files into matlab. (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (7)

Catherine Fung

I am using R2019a version and I am also having problem with the readSection function in the script.

Zhengxuan Cao

Billy Lam

Currently I am using R2014b and it fails to compute. The main problem is that the function readSection and skipLines do not even exist in R2014b.

Xing Ding

Elizabeth H

Elizabeth H

Uddhab Chaulagain

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Created with R2012a
Compatible with any release
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