LANDSAT MSS/TM/ETM+ metadata (.MTL) Parser

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Reads field-value pairs from the MTL text file, and returns a structure with the scene metadata.
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MTL parser for LANDSAT datasets (MSS, TM, ETM+)

Written in Nov 2012 by Evan Miles, Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge

Extended from ETM+ MTL parser written by Seongsu Jeong, Geomatics and Remote Sensing Laboratory (GRSLAB), Yonsei University

Reads the information from MTL text file, which is provided with LANDSAT data.

MTL=MTL_parser(filename) - for a single MTL file
MTL_list=MTL_parser(filename_list) - for multiple MTL files. The list should be in a matrix form which each of its row vector is a string of a MTL filename
MTL_list=MTL_parser() - Searches all MTL files in current directory and parses them all.

The values which surrounded "double quotation mark" was treated as a string, along with the information related to the time and date. Other variables were considered as a double-precision floating point variables.

15-NOV-2012: Implemented recursive structure generator to interpret nested groups with arbitrary names, removing necessity for identifying MTL-specific names.
08-MAR-2011: Capable of dealing with void input. When this case occurs, this module searches all MTL files based on its filename and list them up. After then, this function reads all detedted MTL files and returns the result as a structure array in column vector form.


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