MatLab tool for exporting data to PowerPoint 2007+ files without using COM-objects automation
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exportToPPTX allows user to create PowerPoint 2007+ (PPTX) files without using COM-objects automation (or PowerPoint application itself). Proper XML files are created and packaged into PPTX file that can be read and displayed by PowerPoint.
Basic command syntax:
pptx = exportToPPTX();
List of available commands:
* pptx = exportToPPTX(...)
* pptx = exportToPPTX(file)
* pptx.save(file)
* pptx.addSlide(...)
* pptx.switchSlide(slideID)
* pptx.addPicture(h,...)
* pptx.addTextbox(txt,...)
* pptx.addNote(txt,...)
* pptx.addShape(x,y,...)
* pptx.addTable(tbl,...)
More elaborate examples are included in examples_exportToPPTX.m and examples2_exportToPPTX.m files.
Up-to-date version, a more detailed help, bugs/issues tracking can all be found here: https://github.com/stefslon/exportToPPTX

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Stefan Slonevskiy (2024). exportToPPTX (https://github.com/stefslon/exportToPPTX), GitHub. Recuperato .

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Creato con R2015a
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Windows macOS Linux

Ispirato: Model Review Tool, jrichter24/toPPT, tfigure

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Versione Pubblicato Note della release

OnClick property of addTextbox command now supports URLs and external files


Change picture scaling behavior when Position is given


exportToPPTX is class based/object oriented now. This is a major change and breaks all previous usage of the code. However changing over should not be too bad. See GitHub README for details on how to port your existing code to new implementation.

Add support for PowerPoint templates, add 'addtable' functionality, fix tabbing in markdown
Linked to GitHub version

Fixed (hopefully) Office 2010 compatibility issue

- Add "BackgroundColor" option to slides
- Fixed bug with Unicode file content
- Fixed invalid PPTX files on some versions of PowerPoint
- Fixed paragraph breaks in multi-line textboxes

added ability to add notes to slides, plus fixed a number of bugs

Fixed bug that caused multiple images to override each other on a single slide.

* Throw a more descriptive error if there is one when writing PPTX file
* Support additional input types for addPicture
* Add additional textbox and image formatting options

Per visualizzare o segnalare problemi su questo componente aggiuntivo di GitHub, visita GitHub Repository.
Per visualizzare o segnalare problemi su questo componente aggiuntivo di GitHub, visita GitHub Repository.