Indentifies subplots in figure h
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spidentify: Indentifies subplots in figure h. Some figures contain axes
that are superimpozed (e. g. plotyy), so that more axes objects than
subplots can be present. With this function, superimpozed axes objects can
be identiffied and returned in the struct "subs", divided into their
respected subplots.
Syntax: subs = spidentify(h);
[subs, numsub] = spidentify(h);

Input arguments:

h: Figure handle, e. g. h = gcf;

Output arguments:

subs: Struct with the identified subplots as fields. Each field is a
1xN axes object that corresponds with the respective subplot.

subs(i) i = index of the subplot
subs(i).AX 1xN axes Handle of the subplot i containing all
superimpozed axes
subs(i).nc Number of colorbars contained in subplot i
numsub: Number of subplots in the figure
nHor: Number of subplots in horizontal direction
nVer: Number of subplots in vertical direction

Author: Marc Jakobi, 06/17/2016

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Marc Jakobi (2024). spidentify (https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/59489-spidentify), MATLAB Central File Exchange. Recuperato .

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