Antarctic flight planning tools

A few scripts for aerogeophysical navigation
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These functions were designed to help in the initial planning stages of Antarctic aerogeophysical surveys. They probably will not be of use to many folks, but I'm sharing them on the off chance that someone out there might benefit from some part of it.

The goal of these functions is to estimate flight headings from waypoints, estimate flight times and fuel consumption including turns, and print elevation profiles and maps. I can't guarantee the accuracy of these functions, so I wouldn't recommend using them for final flight plans.

If these functions are useful for you, please cite Antarctic Mapping Tools:

Greene, C. A., Gwyther, D. E., & Blankenship, D. D. (2016). Antarctic Mapping Tools for Matlab. Computers & Geosciences.

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Chad Greene (2024). Antarctic flight planning tools (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Recuperato .

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