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Power system visualization for Matlab based analysis

version (86.9 KB) by Hamidreza Mirtaheri
These files provide visual configuration of the electric network and its components.


Updated 15 Nov 2017

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Running script electric_grid_visualization one can visualize power network configuration already defined in excel files with its components.
One of the challenging issues in electric system analysis is the grid visualization. New concepts like smart grids highlights this need because the grid should be analysed in distribution level with high number of components, in bidirectional and active configuration. On the other hand most of researcher and engineers are using Matlab as analysis tool.

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Hamidreza Mirtaheri (2020). Power system visualization for Matlab based analysis (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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Jian Zuo

`graph` is a matlab class that has been introduced in MATLAB 8.5 (R2015b) in Sept. 2015. You would need to use Matlab 2015b release or more.

Undefined function or variable 'graph'.


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