sonyalpha: Control a Sony Alpha Camera

Control a Sony Alpha Camera
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SONYALPHA A class to control a Sony Alpha Camera (NEX, Alpha, ...) compatible with the Camera Remote API by Sony.
** Usage **
>> camera = sonyalpha;
>> image(camera);
Then you can use the Methods:
- getstatus(camera): get the camera status
- iso: set/get ISO setting
- shutter: set/get shutter speed setting
- mode: set/get the PASM mode
- timer: set/get the self timer
- fnumber: set/get the F/D aperture
- white: set/get the white balance
- image: take a shot and display it
- imread: take a shot and download the image (no display)
- ...

** Connecting the Camera **
Start your camera and use its Remote Control App (e.g. Play Memories App) from the Camera settings. This starts the JSON REST HTTP server, used to control the camera. The Network SSID is shown on the Camera screen. Connect from your PC on that network. The usual associated IP is then (port 8080)
The connection must be a dedicated ad-hoc, e.g. can NOT use an intermediate router. If you are already connected to the Internet, you have to drop your current connection, or use an additional Wifi adapter (e.g. USB-Wifi).

You can also connect the camera via a USB cable when GPhoto is installed.

** Requirements/Installation **
- Matlab, no external toolbox
- A wifi or USB connection
- A Sony Camera
- curl (for wifi)
- ffmpeg (for liveview via Wifi)
- gphoto2 (for USB)
Just copy the files and go into the directory. Then type commands above, once the camera is configured (see above).

** Credits **
(c) E. Farhi, GPL2, 2018.

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Emmanuel Farhi (2024). sonyalpha: Control a Sony Alpha Camera (, GitHub. Recuperato .

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Per visualizzare o segnalare problemi su questo componente aggiuntivo di GitHub, visita GitHub Repository.
Per visualizzare o segnalare problemi su questo componente aggiuntivo di GitHub, visita GitHub Repository.