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The Goertzel algorithm is a technic in digital signal processing (DSP) that provides a means for efficient evaluation of individual terms.


Updated 29 Mar 2019

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Goertzel Algorithm :

I Created a sine wave with multiple frequencies f0 and f1 and I added some white noise tonto it. After that I applied the goertzel function to the noisy Signal. Additionally I calculate the probailities of detection of each frequency and plotted the average probabilities versus all frequencies detected.

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Mehdi BENSEDDIK (2020). Goertzel-Algorithm (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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Zouhir Erouch

It's helpful, thank you !


I modified the contents of my Goertzel Algorithm repository, and I developed a script which it calculates the optimized Goertzel Algorithm.

Lior Blokshtein

This algorithm uses the native goertzel function in Matlab.
The algorithm is extremely simple and is similar to the Matlab example page ( ), making this algorithm redundant.



In the Goertzel Algorithm repository we have two scripts of the algorithm :
- First script rely on the predefined function.
- Second script : I wrote my own program relying on the standard Goertzel Algorithm which anyone can understand it.

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