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The Goertzel algorithm is a technic in digital signal processing (DSP) that provides a means for efficient evaluation of individual terms.


Updated 29 Mar 2019

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Goertzel Algorithm :

I Created a sine wave with multiple frequencies f0 and f1 and I added some white noise tonto it. After that I applied the goertzel function to the noisy Signal. Additionally I calculate the probailities of detection of each frequency and plotted the average probabilities versus all frequencies detected.

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Mehdi BENSEDDIK (2019). Goertzel-Algorithm (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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It's helpful, thank you !

I modified the contents of my Goertzel Algorithm repository, and I developed a script which it calculates the optimized Goertzel Algorithm.

This algorithm uses the native goertzel function in Matlab.
The algorithm is extremely simple and is similar to the Matlab example page ( ), making this algorithm redundant.



In the Goertzel Algorithm repository we have two scripts of the algorithm :
- First script rely on the predefined function.
- Second script : I wrote my own program relying on the standard Goertzel Algorithm which anyone can understand it.

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