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version 1.0.0 (151 KB) by Mehdi BENSEDDIK
I implemented a BandPass Filter of 2nd Order into simulink by using Analog components : Resistors and Capacitors.


Updated 03 Apr 2019

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To achieve this goal, I started by implementing the LowPass and HighPass filters separately and ended up adding an amplifier to amplify my signal. So, by Cascading the HighPass and LowPass filters together I obtain a BandPass Filter. The range of BandPass filter = [fc1 , fc2].
fc1 : Cutoff frequency of HighPass filter.
fc2 : Cutoff frequency of LowPass filter.
fc1 = 1/(2*pi*R1*C1)
fc2 = 1/(2*pi*R2*C2)
Amplification := 1+(R4/R3)

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