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Generates both uncompressed and compressed Bitcoin addresses from private key (either WIF or Hexadecimal)
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bitAddress_GUI generates both the uncompressed and compressed Bitcoin addresses from any private key input. Input private key and select whether the key is in hexadecimal or WIF format. Hit the generate button to output the compressed and uncompressed Bitcoin addresses in Wallet Import Format (WIF) using base58check. I have checked and verified the outputs with several hundred private key inputs.

Once the addresses are generated, you could use an online QR code generator to distribute your addresses.

For example:
a private key input of: 5JiTk8LbFsGXXsDKCDhAipHBvQ9jxxKTNhTcCTXTXFk2HRHMcG3 (in WIF format) generates outputs of:
compressed address: 1UARw6LXwxTDxuZGmA7k7DcUXmvBSh1Xi
uncompressed address: 1PAxNfKfAwryAgHYczVi7RV2bknRwdvzd6

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Small change to ripemd160 function made


Upon testing on several hundred private keys, I discovered a small problem in a small percentage of cases. This update corrects the problem.