THD Reduction in IEEE 13 Bus Distribution System

THD Reduction in IEEE 13 Bus Distribution System
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This paper proposes an analysis of harmonics in IEEE 13 – bus distribution system. Harmonic
analysis of the system gives the harmonic spectrum and THD of currents and voltages at various buses.
Mitigation of harmonics is performed by simulation using single tuned, double tuned, reactance one-port
filters. Comparative analysis of filter performance is presented. The simulation study show that the best
performance of the filter is obtained when positioned at/near the nonlinear load buses. The distribution
system model is simulated by using MATLAB SIMULINK version R2009b software with static and
adjustable speed drives as loads. Modeling of adjustable speed drives is considered for non-linear
loads. The harmonic distortion levels at different buses are identified and subsequently suitable
harmonic mitigation techniques are performed to control the harmonic levels within the limits.

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Dr. T Vijay Muni (2024). THD Reduction in IEEE 13 Bus Distribution System (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Recuperato .

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