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Easy to use, GUI based tool to analyze, validate, postprocess, visualize and simulate (micro) PIV data. Optional parallel computing.

Spatial math primitives for MATLAB

A MATLAB program for the analysis of digital elevation models

Sea-horse optimizer: A novel nature-inspired meta-heuristic for global optimization problems

Dandelion Optimizer: A nature-inspired metaheuristic algorithm for engineering applications.

2D-AL-DIC(Augmented Lagrangian DIC) is a fast, parallel-computing DIC algorithm which also considers global kinematic compatibility.

Perceptually uniform scientific colormaps from Fabio Crameri.

Toolbox for simulating hybrid systems and plotting hybrid arcs in MATLAB and Simulink.

MIB2 is an update package for segmentation of multi-dimensional (2D-4D) microscopy datasets


version 0.2

by Matt Flood

An open-source toolkit for entropic time series analysis

A toolbox for analysis and display of Antarctica-related data

GIBBON: The Geometry and Image-Based Bioengineering add-ON for MATLAB

A Novel Metaheuristic Optimizer Inspired By Behavior of Jellyfish in Ocean


version 2.1.1

by Mustafa Saraoglu

Model-based Autonomous Traffic Simulation Framework to develop automated driving algorithms and test them in an urban traffic environment.

FMD uses the machinery fault feature, i.e. impulsiveness and periodicity of the signal, as the decomposition objective.

Autonomous vehicle modeling based on the YouTube tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNNL3443z4lHTmBFrrur6aYhJnwvITqWM

MATLAB code of SNS algorithm for solving engineering optimization problems

An Archive-based Multi-Objective Arithmetic Optimization Algorithm for Solving Industrial Engineering Problems

This MATLAB package can be used for decomposing multi-channel electromyography signals into their comprising individual motor unit signals.

Various tools for working with large point clouds

In this paper, a dynamic version of the arithmetic optimization algorithm (DAOA) is presented.

MATLAB implementations of a subset of the C++ library, GeographicLib

Sperm Swarm Optimization (SSO)

Toolbox for simulating optical tweezers


version 2.4.1

by Agah Karakuzu

Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging Made Easy with qMRLab: Use GUI or CLI to fit and simulate a myriad of qMRI models.

Implementation of our paper "11K Hands: Gender recognition and biometric identification using hand images"


version 2.11

by Michael Holmboe

Atomistic Topology Operations in MATLAB (atom), is a MATLAB library for manipulation of (periodic) molecular systems

Implementation example of the cascade extended state observer (CESO), together with conventional extended state observer and GPI observers

The codes of multi-objective version of a recently proposed meta-heuristic algorithm called stochastic paint optimizer (SPO)

A three-variate spatially correlated turbulent wind field is simulated in three dimensions.

Single-cell Gene Expression Analysis Toolbox

Xue Jiankai, et al.Dung beetle optimizer: a new meta‑heuristic algorithm for global optimization, https://doi.org/10.1007/s11227-022-04959-6

Or: Antarctic Mapping Tools for Matlab, Greenland Edition


version 1.0.0

by Rafael Rangel

Discrete Element Method Laboratory

Data-driven Arbitrary Polynomial Chaos Expansion for Machine Learning, Uncertainty quantification andGlobal sensitivity analysis

Simulation of spatially correlated wind velocity time-histories

Morphological characterisation and simplification of three-dimensional particle geometries

App for pre-processing, unmixing and classifying compounds of interest in spontaneous Raman scattering datasets.

A custom-developed software package, which includes the data capture, calibration, and imaging modules of a MIMO-SAR mmWave imaging system.


version 2.0.1

by J. T. Holmi

A MATLAB data evaluation toolbox to script broader insights into big data from WITec microscopes

Matlab toolbox for generating meshes from EBSD data

ATVMF can adaptively determine the shape and scale of structural element (SE) according to the inherent characteristics of the signal.


version 1.30

by Chad Greene

Some tools for working with data from Morlighem et al.'s BedMachine data for Greenland and Antarctica

Software for fitting robust detection limits to serial dilution data

Fast and reliable implementation of the Gilbert-Johnson-Keerthi (GJK) algorithm. University of Oxford.

A MATLAB Package for Relating Neural Signals to Continuous Stimuli

LSWAVE: a MATLAB software for the least-squares wavelet and cross-wavelet analyses

LESM is a graphical-interactive program for structural analysis of 2D and 3D models composed of linear elements, such as bars and beams.

Anakyze spike trains exported from multi-electrode arrays

Nonparametric plotting and analysis tool to compute a probability density estimate for multivariate data



by Tim Peterson

Open-source data-driven hydrogeological insights

Vehicle-induced vibrations of a suspension bridge are used to automatically identify the mass, speed and arrival time of the vehicles.

4-wheeled mobile manipulator simulation with the wheel normal forces in focus

Analytical solution for Euler-Bernoulli beam with n simple supports.

An application of remote sensing with infrared imaging in greenhouse systems has been developed.

This is the PECUZAL implementation for Matlab. An automated approach for attractor reconstruction of uni- and multivariate datasets.

The parameters of the Uniform Shear Model are estimated in the least-square sense

The dynamic response of a suspension bridge to wind turbulence is computed in the frequency domain.

Codes of ratio of different quasi-arithmetic means and AWSPT-based sparsity measures for machine condition monitoring.

A simple example of the computation and fitting of the ogive function for atmospheric turbulence

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