Generate MATLAB Code for Linear Analysis Tool Session

This topic shows how to generate MATLAB® code for linearization from the Linear Analysis Tool. You can generate either a MATLAB script or a MATLAB function. Generated MATLAB scripts are useful when you want to programmatically reproduce a result you obtained interactively. A generated MATLAB function allows you to perform multiple linearizations with systematic variations in linearization parameters such as operating point (batch linearization).

To generate MATLAB code for linearization:

  1. In the Linear Analysis Tool, on the Exact Linearization tab, interactively configure the analysis I/Os, operating point, and other parameters for linearization.

  2. Click Linearize to open the Generate Matlab Code menu.

  3. Select the type of code you want to generate:

    • Script with current values — Generate a MATLAB script that uses your configured parameter values and operating point. Select this option when you want to repeat the same linearization at the MATLAB command line.

    • Function with input arguments — Generate a MATLAB function that takes analysis I/Os and operating points as input arguments. Select this option when you want to perform multiple linearizations using different parameter values (batch linearization).

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