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Contain options to split sequences based on barcodes

Since R2023a


A SeqSplitOptions object contains options to split sequences into multiple files based on barcodes. This object is used as the value of Options property of the bioinfo.pipeline.block.SeqSplit block.



optionsObj = bioinfo.pipeline.options.SeqSplitOptions creates a SeqSplitOptions object with default property values.

optionsObj = bioinfo.pipeline.options.SeqSplitOptions(Name=Value) sets properties using one or more name-value arguments. Name is the property name and Value is the property value. For example, optionsObj = bioinfo.pipeline.options.SeqSplitOptions(MaxMismatches=2) specifies to allow up to two mismatches during barcode matching.


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Maximum number of mismatches allowed during barcode matching, specified as a nonnegative integer. The default is 0, that is, no mismatches are allowed.

Type of barcode to match, specified as 3 or 5. A value of 5 corresponds to the barcode located at the 5' end of each sequence, and 3 corresponds to the 3' end.


Whether to remove the barcode and corresponding quality information from the matched sequences, specified as true or false. The default is true.

Whether to save unmatched sequences and corresponding quality information in a separate output file, specified as true or false. The output file name has the suffix '_unmatched' instead of the barcode ID.

Suffix to use in the output file name, specified as a character vector or string. It is inserted after the input file name and before the barcode ID. The default is '_split'.

Version History

Introduced in R2023a