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target Namespace

Manage target hardware and build tool information


Use these classes to manage target hardware and build tool information. For example, register new target hardware for code generation, set up target connectivity for external mode and processor-in-the-loop (PIL) simulations, or create custom CMake toolchain definitions for building generated code on your development computer.


target.AliasCreate alternative identifier for target object
target.CMakeSpecify CMake installation for building generated code
target.CMakeBuildTypeDescribe CMake build type or build configuration
target.CMakeBuilder Configure how CMake builds generated code
target.CMakeCacheEntryConfigure a CMake cache entry
target.EnvironmentConfigurationConfigure system environment for toolchain
target.HardwareComponentSupportDescribe support for a hardware component
target.LanguageImplementationProvide C and C++ compiler implementation details
target.ObjectBase class for target types
target.ProcessorProvide target processor information
target.ToolchainCapture high-level information about toolchain


target.addAdd target object to internal database
target.clearClear all target objects from internal database
target.createCreate target object
target.exportExport target object data
target.getRetrieve target objects from internal database
target.removeRemove target object from internal database
target.updateUpdate target objects in internal database
target.upgradeUpgrade existing definitions of hardware devices

Version History

Introduced in R2019a